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Network Adapters

USB Adapters 
     USB adapters connect to your computer via USB port adding wireless capability to your device

Game & Wireless to Ethernet Adapters 
     Game & Wireless to Ethernet Adapters provide a bridge from a wireless signal to your device via an ethernet port (RJ-45).

     These devices are generally used for gaming systems but can be used for other applications such as some televisions, blu-ray players, etc. which do not have their own wireless adapter.



What We Do

RENT Iowa provides low-cost, high-speed Internet solutions for multi-dwelling units throughout Iowa.

About Us

RENT Iowa was founded in 2000 as a web design and advertising company for property managers.  Over the years, we have grown into a full-service property services company, helping property managers across the state fill their units.


AVG AntiVirus (free for personal computers)

SpyBot (removes spyware, free download)

Firefox (alternative to Internet Explorer)